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V-Ray 6.0.3 for SketchUp

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

V-Ray 6 is the latest version of the V-Ray software - a professional rendering software widely used in graphic design, architecture, construction, and many other industries.

V-Ray 6 provides many new features and improvements compared to previous versions. Here are some new features in V-Ray 6:

  1. V-Ray Vision: This is a real-time preview and development tool that allows users to preview their render results in real-time.

  2. Light Gen: This feature allows for automatic light source creation, helping to speed up the rendering process and produce more realistic results.

  3. Material Manager: This feature makes it easier to manage materials, including creating and customizing materials, storing, and quickly finding them.

  4. Coat Layer: This feature allows for additional surface coatings such as gloss layers, bump layers, and scratch layers, adding to the realism and visual effect of the surface.

  5. Fur: This feature allows for creating fuzzy surfaces such as fur, grass, and more with various customization options, producing more realistic and vivid effects.

In addition, V-Ray 6 also has many other improvements such as faster rendering speed, improved cloud rendering capabilities, and better integration with other 3D software.

However, to use V-Ray 6, you need to have knowledge and experience in the fields of graphic design, architecture, construction, and similar industries. If you are a beginner, you may need to learn how to use 3D software before starting to use V-Ray 6.

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