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SketchUp 2023

SketchUp 2023 is the latest version of the 3D design software SketchUp. It is a powerful tool used in the fields of architecture, construction, interior design, gaming, and many other industries. SketchUp 2023 provides many new features and improvements compared to previous versions. Here are some new features in SketchUp 2023:

  1. AI-assisted design: SketchUp 2023 uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assist with design. This feature can help measure distances and angles, create new objects, and perform other analyses to speed up the design process.

  2. Smart Offset: This feature allows users to create new planes and thicknesses that are automatically calculated, helping to speed up the design process and reduce manual steps.

  3. Improved Collaboration: SketchUp 2023 improves the collaboration and document-sharing features among team members. This helps to increase productivity and reduce the time needed to complete a project.

  4. Enhanced Rendering: SketchUp 2023 adds more tools to improve the rendering process, allowing users to create more realistic and vivid images.

  5. Better Performance: SketchUp 2023 improves the performance and speed of the software, helping users to complete projects faster and save time.

In addition, SketchUp 2023 has many other improvements such as increased interactivity with other software, improved modeling features, and reduced errors when working with large data files.

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