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Brian House


date. 2023

client. design by Darchviz | Renderz

style. Modern


This house is built on a plot of land measuring 7m x 15m. With the desire to create a strong impression, I focused on a modern style combined with a connection to nature. This has resulted in a harmonious blend of architectural elements with the surrounding environment.

With a modern style, this house has a distinctive appearance. I used white and gray as the dominant color tones to create a sense of elegance and sophistication. The color white brings brightness and purity, while gray provides a gentle yet powerful contrast. This combination creates a highly attractive and professional commercial living space.

A special highlight of the house is the presence of a front garden with a tree planter. The garden not only serves as an interesting focal point but also brings a fresh and green space. It is an excellent way to establish a close relationship with nature and create an eye-catching feature that captures the attention of customers.

The exterior ceiling of the house is covered in light-colored wood, creating a cozy atmosphere that blends perfectly with the modern style of the house. The light hue of the wood generates a warm feeling and at the same time achieves a balance with the white and gray elements within the house.

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